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Another article on ‘Why Are Wedding Photographers So Expensive?’ These are written to ‘educate’ those getting married.

Here is the article:…/why-is-w…/

Do these articles totally miss the point? Does how long we spend in front of our computers, or how much our equipment costs really justify price?

There is the explicit assumption that wedding photographers are expensive. The article states it as if it’s a fact. How exactly do you define ‘expensive’?

What about the art of photography, the value of an image for its own sake, what those photographs mean emotionally, the value of a photographer’s personal style, etc.

How do I justify my prices? Well, I don’t really, it’s the couple that I am meeting that decide if I am the photographer for them, based on many factors. Do they like my style, is photography important for them, do they get along with me, do they love the albums that I show them, can I be trusted to get it right on the day, will I get on with their guests, and will they end up with photos that they will love, etc?

Am I expensive? Maybe, maybe not. I will be to some, and not to others.

Am I worth it – that’s up to you to decide…

I would really love to hear thoughts on this…

A happy wedding couple

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Autumn – one of my favourite times of the year to get out there, and to photograph everything!

It’s a perfect time for family portraits, and the Autumn colours are perfect for displaying photographs on the wall. You need to be quick though – there is a fairly small window to make sure the colours are at their best.

You can call me at any time of the year and book your Autumn family photography session in advance

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Most people tend to think of commissioning a portrait photographer when they want their immediate family photographed. There is so much more in our lives that we should be documenting and preserving – think of all the times in your life that were important to you, and how great it would be to have a record of that.

Lucy called me as she was going to be celebrating her birthday with a group of her closest friends – drinks food and laughs! But she really wanted some professional photographs of them all together as it was a big moment in her life.

We spent an hour or so getting a variety of shots, with different combinations of people. Lots of fun, natural photography, and then they headed off to enjoy the rest of the day!

What’s happening in your life that you really should be documenting? Have you considered photographing that event? Imagine that 20 years from now you have no record. Lucy has these photographs for ever, and they will become more valuable as time goes by…

Lincoln portrait photographer
Lincoln portrait photographerLincoln portrait photographerLincoln portrait photographerLincoln portrait photographerLincoln portrait photographerLincoln portrait photographerLincoln portrait photographerLincoln portrait photographerLincoln portrait photographerLincoln portrait photographer



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I took some head shots for Mandy recently, as she was wanting to have professional photographs for her website and promotional materials.

Business head shot

Good photography is so important for your business, whether you are self employed, run a small business or are part of a team in a multinational organisation. So, the approach is always to take photos that will bring out some of the personality in you,  as well as making sure the ‘look’ is the right one for you. This also applies to actors, musicians, anyone who needs to show what they do in the best way possible.

Sometimes, I forget how important photography is to people, even though this is what I do each and every day. Then I receive feedback like this from Mandy, which applies to family portrait photography as much as it does to business head shots:

“I just wanted to share the joy of receiving photos from Patrick at Natural Expressions. I have to be honest, I was nervous about the shoot – I have never been very comfortable in front of a camera. Also, I wanted to project a certain image – and was not convinced we could achieve the ‘look’ I had in my head. I have trained as an independent funeral celebrant and wanted an image of myself for my website and business flyers. The image has to be exactly right – professional but not too formal (I am an independent celebrant, not the traditional vicar!), approachable and warm. Also, the photo needed to look authentic – an image of a genuine person you could trust.

Patrick managed to capture me and give the image I was looking for. The fact that he got me to relax was unbelievable.

But the most amazing thing to happen from the shoot was totally unexpected. I am about to hit 50. I have never felt particularly attractive or been confident about my looks. But, looking at the photos Patrick took I realised I looked lovely. A shift occurred within me that I cannot quite explain – but it was a huge gift. I feel I can embrace being 50 now and say ‘hey, look at me – I look great!’

Thanks Patrick!”

Business head shot

Business head shot

Business head shot

Business head shot


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