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“Why is Wedding Photography so Expensive?”

Another article on ‘Why Are Wedding Photographers So Expensive?’ These are written to ‘educate’ those getting married.

Here is the article:…/why-is-w…/

Do these articles totally miss the point? Does how long we spend in front of our computers, or how much our equipment costs really justify price?

There is the explicit assumption that wedding photographers are expensive. The article states it as if it’s a fact. How exactly do you define ‘expensive’?

What about the art of photography, the value of an image for its own sake, what those photographs mean emotionally, the value of a photographer’s personal style, etc.

How do I justify my prices? Well, I don’t really, it’s the couple that I am meeting that decide if I am the photographer for them, based on many factors. Do they like my style, is photography important for them, do they get along with me, do they love the albums that I show them, can I be trusted to get it right on the day, will I get on with their guests, and will they end up with photos that they will love, etc?

Am I expensive? Maybe, maybe not. I will be to some, and not to others.

Am I worth it – that’s up to you to decide…

I would really love to hear thoughts on this…

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