Latitude Festival 2014 Family Photography Project | Raising Funds for Disadvantaged Children

I have an exciting project taking place next week.

Latitude Festival photos

I’m going to be photographing at the Latitude Festival 2014, in Henham Park in Suffolk, and the aim is to raise funds for an organisation that does great work with children, namely Manzini Youth Care, in Swaziland, Southern Africa.

I’m a family photographer so I thought it would be perfect to document the event from a family perspective – so, to show families having fun over the three days: listening and dancing away to the great bands that’ll be there, relaxing & playing at their tents/accommodation, enjoying themselves at the family campsite & kids area, etc.

I want to document the story of Latitude as a great place for families and children to visit together, and to show fortunate we are to be able to enjoy such events.

The project is fully approved by the organisers, Festival Republic, so big thanks to them for giving this project the go-ahead!

There is a personal link here, as I worked at Manzini Youth Care a few years ago and saw first hand the great work and the achievements that take place every day. Check out their website for more info.

I’ll be producing a book afterwards which will showcase the best shots and this book will be available to purchase. Photos (both prints and downloads) will also be available to purchase, and all profits will be sent to Manzini Youth Care.

I’m covering all my personal costs, such as food & drink, accommodation, tickets, travel, etc, and so actual costs will be minimal – I want to make sure as much as possible is raised and sent.

The book and photos will be available to purchase online as soon as possible after the event.

So how do you get hold of the book or photos? It’s simple – all you need to do is click on the green button below, enter your email address, and as soon the photos are ready I’ll send you an email.

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If you would like further info, or would like to make sure your photo is taken (and in the book!), please contact me here or call me on 07818 436706.

Cheers, and hope to see you there!


Manzini Youth Care provide accommodation, education, support and care to marginalised and young  people at risk through poverty in Swaziland, many of whom are living on the streets.

The number of vulnerable and at risk children in Swaziland continues to grow, as the HIV/AIDS pandemic spreads and the economy suffers due to the worldwide economic downturn.

The economic outlook for Swaziland is not looking hopeful.  The rate of parentless families due to death by disease continues to increase.  Swaziland continues to have the highest HIV/AIDS rate among all the nations at 28-42% depending on the source.  It is estimated that there are nearly 50,000 orphans in the country and another 50,000 vulnerable children at risk.

This is an organisation that works, and makes sure that contributions are used to best effect – you may have seen Eswatini Kitchen products in Oxfam, that is one of their income generation projects.

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